Starting TEBAZIO
Starting TEBAZIO
An introduction for beginning relapsing  multiple sclerosis (RMS) treatment.

Your doctor has prescribed TEBAZIO (teriflunomide). So what's next?
To help you on your treatment journey, we outline the steps for starting AUBAGIO, and provide tips for staying with the routine.
Before starting TEBAZIO:
Before you start TEBAZIO, you'll need a few tests
Your healthcare provider will need to run a few tests within 6 months before you can begin TEBAZIO:
• Blood tests to check your liver
• Complete blood count
• TB (tuberculosis) skin test or blood test for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
• Blood pressure check
• Pregnancy test

After starting TEBAZIO:

Staying on top of treatment
Your healthcare provider will:
• Monitor your liver enzyme levels monthly for the first 6 months
• Check your blood pressure periodically after starting treatment
We think it's smart to schedule all your follow up appointments when you receive your first TEBAZIO prescription. Setting reminders on your phone or electronic calendar works great as well. Your dedicated MS One to One Nurse is also an excellent resource—he or she can even call you to remind you about upcoming appointments.
Using the TEBAZIO blister pack
Each blister pack has 28 doses, and the pills are labeled by day so you can stay on track.
As with most medications, the packaging is child-resistant. Removing TEBAZIO from the blister pack is simple once you understand how the packaging works. To remove a pill, push the foil bubble to break through the child-resistant cardboard so the pill will come out.